Are You Overpaying The Workers’ Compensation Board By Thousands of Dollars Every Year?

What if there was a way to find out that involved no time, no risk, and no net cost to you?

Many businesses are unknowingly paying Workers’ Compensation Board premiums well in excess of what is actually required by WCB policies. In fact, errors in claims, classification, or assessments could be costing your business thousands of dollars every single year. At Premier Research & Consulting (PRC) it’s our job to recover those costs, at no risk to you.

Premier Research & Consulting Inc. is Alberta’s foremost expert in the audit of Workers’ Compensation premiums, specializing in claims cost recovery.

Workers' compensation consultation meeting.Our service covers a wide range of industries that operate within Western Canada, ranging from large multi-national companies to small businesses and every employer in between. Our success-driven and value-based approach to consulting is proven to have saved our clients money and positively contributed to their bottom line.

When we deliver you a profit by reducing your premiums, we share in those savings. If there are no savings generated, our review of your WCB account and past claims is complimentary – absolutely no charge to you.

PRC is confident that our proficiency, comprehensive knowledge and unique approach to reviewing premiums is unmatched thereby creating genuine value.