What We Do

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We have saved our clients tens, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars by successfully obtaining cost recoveries on just a single WCB claim.

Further, many of our clients receive regular refunds of WCB premiums as a result of the work we conduct on their behalf, year after year.

While companies are focused on their present status of claims management to reduce active claim costs, we complement your efforts by investing our time and resources and applying our knowledge and experience to the audit and recovery of past costs which continue to have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Our value-based service ensures you are paying the lowest possible premiums to the WCB.

To succeed with this goal we utilize a number of proven techniques and strategies developed over our years in business. Our knowledge and proficiency in the assessment and audit of costs is unmatched and our team of medical specialists and lawyers is crucial when dealing with complex issues in the analysis of medical and legal information.

With these processes in place, we are clear in our understanding of what we need to accomplish for our clients and how the WCB operates. It is this collective understanding of both sides of our business, our specialized expertise, and our perseverance that delivers results.

We take a success-driven approach to consulting. No savings from us means no cost to you.

This means that we profit only if you do, sharing in the savings we generate for your company. We’re confident that our expertise, industry connections, and intuitive process will bring success. Here are some of the avenues we use to improve your rates:

  • experience rating simulations & analysis
  • comprehensive claim cost audits
  • policy interpretation
  • medical diagnostic verification
  • valid overpayment identification
  • appeal representation

We bring together the experts we need to assess your situation.

Independent medical assessments.

When dealing with complex WCB claims it is often critical to get input from highly specialized medical experts. PRC’s medical panel comprises a variety of medical professionals that help us to do detailed medical diagnostic verification of claims. We seek out expert advice when we need it, so you can be sure that medical issues are well understood.

It is also true that we sometimes need deep knowledge of the law and how it pertains to a given circumstance. PRC’s legal expert can shed light on the most nuanced situation.


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