Who We Are

Boardroom meeting.

Since 1994 Premier Research & Consulting Inc. has been in the business of putting money back into the coffers of Canadian companies.

Premier Research & Consulting was conceived to fill a specialized need. Employers required help auditing and assessing WCB costs relating to their operations, and analyzing the effect of those costs on premiums paid to the WCB. In filling this need, it was clear to us that the impact of past claims was paramount for the recovery of premium savings for employers.

The audit of WCB premiums and the historical review of claims is our specialty.

Our dedicated team of professionals, which includes a lawyer and a medical panel consisting of various medical specialists, plays a significant role within our company to provide a service second to none.

We have earned the reputation for providing an exceptional value-based service to businesses in Western Canada.

Since 1994, Premier Research & Consulting has presented compelling cases on WCB claims for some of the largest employers in Western Canada. We have an unmatched understanding of both sides of our business. We understand the concerns and interests of our clients, as well as we grasp WCB policies.

The confidence our clients place in us, and our positive relationships with our partners, is what inspires us to evolve and become better at what we do on behalf of our clients.

President / Senior Management Consultant

Rene Vandendooren - Premier Research & Consulting

Rene Vandendooren
Rene has a depth of understanding of WBC procedures, claims and appeals that is unmatched in Alberta. Since 1994 he has been involved in hundreds of WCB appeals. As a result, he is one of the busiest and most successful advocates in the province.

Prior to founding Premier Research and Consulting, Rene honed his unique blend of skills and expertise at the Alberta WCB, where he worked as an Underwriter and a Premium Auditor.

Business Development Manager

Graeme Hughes, Business Development Manager

Graeme Hughes
After a decades-long career in financial planning with Canada’s chartered banks, Graeme joins PRC to provide service and support to new and existing customers alike.

Contact Graeme today if you’d like a review of your WCB account, have an existing claim that is challenging you, or would like to further discuss our services.