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Whether you have a single challenging claim you want help with, or you are concerned about high Workers’ Compensation Board premiums or contract qualifying, we are always here to listen and provide help and advice that is focused on the needs of your business.

What You Can Expect When You Call PRC

First, we’ll take the time to listen to your concerns and identify the most practical way that we can provide support. Sometimes, that may just mean answering your questions or giving advice and guidance on WCB policies and procedures, which we are always happy to do.

Often, a more comprehensive approach is needed. If your primary concerns relate to high WCB premiums or contract qualifying, our most frequent first step is to do a comprehensive review of your WCB account. Our reviews are done without cost or obligation, and will look at 5 years worth of WCB claims and premiums to determine how much of already-paid premiums may be recoverable, what improvements may be made to your Experience Rating, as well as giving you an estimate of where your premiums and Experience Rating are likely to head in the future.

Once our review is complete, we will make a recommendation as to the best path forward for improving your Experience Rating, obtaining refunds on past premium overpayments and securing lower premiums in the future.

How To Get Started

Graeme Hughes, Business Development Manager

Contact our Business Development Manager, Graeme Hughes.
Ph: 780-437-9660