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Challenged By Contractor Management Services? A 2-Step Approach To Improved Compliance Scores

For many companies, working with contractor management services such as ComplyWorks or ISNetworld has become a mandatory part of doing business. More and more firms are insisting that their contractors and suppliers be pre-qualified through these services if they want to continue doing business with them. But these services are also creating new pressures for businesses when it comes to health and safety programs and workplace injuries.

If your company is struggling in this regard, and is concerned about maintaining business relationships as a result of declining compliance scores, we suggest taking a “past and future” approach to begin moving in the right direction.

The “Past and Future” Approach

Past: it may well be that there are claims or claim costs lurking in your WCB account that your company shouldn’t necessarily have charged against them. Issues such as pre-existing conditions, benefit entitlement, determination of responsibility, needlessly extended recovery periods and miscalculations of benefit amounts can all have a bearing on the appropriateness of claim costs assigned to your organization. However, the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) allows you to review and challenge historical claims where concerns regarding the appropriateness of assigned costs exist. A comprehensive review of your claims history completed by the specialists at Premier Research & Consulting can identify and remove these extra claims and costs from your claims history, thus improving your standing with contractor management services as well as reducing your WCB premiums.

Future: once your claims history has been optimized, the next step is to ensure you have an appropriate health and safety program in place that meets the pre-qualification requirements of your customers and most importantly provides a foundation for improving performance and reducing worker injuries going forward. To be effective, your health and safety policies and procedures need not be onerous, but should be fully integrated with business operations to be efficient as well as promote safety. Premier Research & Consulting Inc. is proud to have partnered with JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. to provide health and safety consulting services to identify gaps, develop appropriate safety programs and streamline the relationship between company operations and safety regimes.

By taking this “past and future” approach to improving contractor management pre-qualification scores you can ensure your company does not miss out on valuable business opportunities and is positioned for continued success in the future. Call us today to learn more!

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