How To Best Use Our Services

We Are Your Most Effective Tool For Reducing WCB Premiums

Not every WCB claim we see has a reasonable opportunity for getting some relief on costs. But when a request is successful, it can have a huge impact on your WCB premiums.

When you get that opportunity, you don’t want to waste it. And you don’t get second chances. Your argument to the Workers’ Compensation Board needs to be evidence-based, and you must know your numbers. It’s important to clearly understand the connection between the amount of claim-costs removed, and the extent to which that amount will reduce the WCB premiums you pay and improve your experience rating.

Your First Shot Must Be Your Best Shot

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The issues raised when first requesting relief generally need to be maintained at the various appeals levels (such as at the DRDRB and Appeals Commission). You cannot change your argument late in the game. Therefore, it’s critical that your first request for cost recovery is structured with the best rationale, best approach, and best evidence that can be presented for the claim at hand. You likely won’t be able to significantly change your approach if your first request is unsuccessful.

At PRC, before we do any work on your past claims, we use our proprietary software to generate a financial assessment of where you stand with your WCB account. This allows us to determine – in advance – the amount of recovery needed to make a noticeable impact on your premiums. This gives us significant guidance in how we approach the Workers’ Compensation Board regarding any particular claim.

Once we understand the financial impacts, our consultants, with their highly detailed level of knowledge of WCB policies, interpretations, and precedents, will apply the strongest possible arguments to reach the cost-reduction thresholds necessary to maximize your premium savings.

Our Strong Recommendation

Your company is likely working hard to manage it’s active WCB claims. And you have strategies in place to minimize costs while helping injured employees return to work. PRC is happy to work closely with your health and safety team to provide assistance and advice in this regard. However, once a claim is closed, let PRC and its team of skilled consultants take over. We will give you the best opportunity possible to reduce claim costs, improve your experience rating, and lower your WCB premiums!