WCB Appeals Representation

Man and woman agreeing on WCB appeal.

Struggling with a tough WCB claim? You don’t have to go it alone.

If you have a current claim that is troubling you – we can help there as well.

We will apply our 28 years of experience in claim auditing and WCB appeals to represent your company’s interests before the WCB, the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body (DRDRB), or even the WCB Appeals Commission. Our focus is on ensuring your concerns are given a fair hearing and that WCB policy is applied appropriately as it pertains to the circumstances of the claim in question. Our objective is to ensure that the absolute minimum in claim costs are assigned to your account.

PRC’s comprehensive Appeals Representation Service frees up your time for other tasks and gives you peace of mind that your claim is in good hands. We will pull the entire claim file, obtain any needed professional opinions or reviews, and look after all communication with the WCB on your behalf. Best of all, you get to decide when an acceptable settlement has been reached.

From the Case Manager all the way to the Appeals Commission, count on PRC to obtain the best possible outcome for your company.

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